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Darga Imam-Bari Sarkar

The Shrine of Hazrat Sayyed Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi Qadri, popularly known as Bari Imam, lies in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan’s Capital city.

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Free Food Distribution

Food is the basic need of everyone. Many people can't afford the food. If you want to distribute the food among needy people on Imam-Bari Darbar than we will distribute it for you.

Request For Prayers

Prayer is the only thing which can change your Luck. If you are facing any problems and want to solve them through prayers then request now for prayers.

General Donations

Donation is the trading with Allah Almighty. We take your donations and Distribute them to the right people. Give Donations & Become the Part of this Nobel deed .

Our Volunteers

Syed Moqaddus Kazmi
Founder & CEO
Almdar Bokhari
Mubasher Ali
Social Media Manager
Aliyan Ashfaq
Website Mannager

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